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Shepherd Caster - Metal Ball - Ball Casters-Cosmo Series  

Ball Casters-Cosmo Series
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[ show/hide ]   Technical Specifications
  • Load Capacity:
    Load Capacity
    The load a caster or wheel will hold. (Gross weight should be divided by the number of casters or wheels on which it is distributed.)
40 lb.
  • Wheel Diameter:
    Wheel Diameter
    The outside Diameter of the wheel. Note: Larger diameter wheels tend to roll easier and are more shock absorbing than smaller diameter wheels.
1.5625 in.
  • Wheel Material:
    Wheel Material
    The material that constructs the wheel.
  • Wheel Color:
    Wheel Color
    The color of the wheel.
  • Non-marking:
    The wheel being used will NOT mark up floors.
  • Overall Height:
    Overall Height
    The vertical distance from the top of the caster mounting plate to the bottom of the wheel.
1.8125 in.
  • Swivel Radius:
    Swivel Radius
    The horizontal distance from the center of the kingpin to the trailing edge of the wheel. This determines the "sweep" of a caster as it pivots; a good thing to know to make sure the wheel doesn't strike something as it turns.
1.25 in.
  • Rig Finish:
    Rig Finish
    Referring to what type of finish is being used.
  • Rig Material:
    Rig Material
    This is describing what type of material is being used to make the rig.
Zinc Die Cast
  • Mounting Type:
    Mounting Type
    The bracket type being used to mount.
Threaded Stem
  • Thread Size:
    Thread Size

    Selecting the Right Thread Size
    Inch fasteners are specified with a size and the number of threads. For example, 1/4"-28 indicates a 1/4" diameter screw with 28 threads per inch.
    Threaded Stem

    Metric fasteners are specified with a thread pitch instead of a thread count. The thread pitch is the distance between threads.

    Metric Stem

18Stem Diameter:0.3125 in.
Stem Length:0.5 in.
  • Wheel Count:
    Wheel Count
    The number of wheels on the caster.
  • Manufacturer:
    The company who makes the product.
Shepherd Caster Corporation
  • Lead Time:
    Lead Time
    The lead time is the period of time between the initiation of any process of production and the shipment of the order. Thus the lead time associated with this product is based off the next working day (Monday - Friday) and is only an estimate. Please contact us directly via phone if your order is urgent. - The lead time can also be extended depending on how the order is being shipped as different shipping companies pick up at different times. Example: USPS picks up at 11:30 am and UPS or DHL picks up at 5 pm. Resulting in faster shipments when shipping via UPS or DHL.
2 - 4 Days
  • Type:
    Either a rigid or swivel caster. Rigid-A caster that doesn't swivel, but still rolls forward and back. Also known as a "fixed" or "stationary" caster. Swivel-A basic caster unit with the addition of a bearing that allows the caster to swivel about a vertical axis.
Metal Ball 
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Shepherd Caster - Metal Ball - Ball Casters-Cosmo Series 
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Shepherd Caster - Metal Ball - Ball Casters-Cosmo Series5

Sue Yarvin - 27th March 2008

These casters roll nicely, just what was needed for my project

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